Bluetooth car kits aren’t exactly the thing that will light up your eyes when you think about gizmos and gadgets, but they do play a rather important, albeit unobtrusive role in saving lives on the road. After all, driving while holding a smartphone or cell phone to your ear is considered a crime in many states already, what more it makes perfect sense to go hands-free if you treasure your life as well as that of other road users. Monster, the name behind what some might say overpriced AV cables, is currently dipping their toes into the automotive Bluetooth accessory market. Just recently, they sent their Monster AirTalk Bluetooth car kit to the FCC, and it has been approved so to speak. While FCC documents did not reveal anything more about the AirTalk device apart from the image seen above, at least you see a rectangular form factor that will most likely be attached to a vehicle’s visor. Monster did not release any word on its pricing or availability though, so we will just have to sit this one out until something official is released.

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