Nokia X7 set to arrive via AT&T

Gaming phones could very well be the next evolution of smartphones – if the Sony PSP Phone takes off, coupled with Nokia’s upcoming X7 gaming phone. The Nokia X7 will be available via AT&T, making it the first Symbian^3 device attached to the network.


What makes the X7 stand out from the rest of the competition would be its quartet of speakers that ought to deliver much louder audio output compared to a regular phone, helping you annoy others on the subway with your bone crunching uppercuts when you indulge in beat ’em ups.

Of course, there is always the option to use a pair of headphones, but why make the four included speakers redundant? Boasting a 4-inch display at 640 x 360 resolution, we still do not know when the Nokia X7 will hit the market, although Mobile World Congress 2011 in February next year might very well be the platform on which it will be announced.

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