Griffin Technology Beacon

What’s the best way to stop misplacing the TV remote? Why, turn your precious iPhone into a remote of course! That way you will never ever misplace it again. I mean if you have a $700 remote, I’m pretty sure the last thing you would want to do is let it out of your sight. Griffin Technology has just launched the Beacon which does exactly that. All you do is set up the device somewhere in the middle of your room, download the app (Dijit Universal Remote) onto your iPhone, and start using your universal remote right away! The Beacon works by converting your iPhone’s Bluetooth signals into the infrared signals that your TV, VCR, or stereo normally takes instructions from. The Beacon will be available in May this year for about $87 (£54.99). Can you see this as a viable solution to a universal remote? Or would you rather just get a dedicated remote?

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