Cell Phone Lock UpHow many of you find it hard to put down the phone? As soon as you feel boredom creep into your brain (which is every 10 seconds), you just grab your phone and start checking your Facebook/Twitter updates or break out that puzzle game you’re addicted to? You don’t have to be shy, it’s pretty common. Besides getting someone to hide your phone or take your battery out of your phone, there is another solution to this problem. Called the Cell Phone Lock Up, this handy gadget allows someone to keep your phone locked up so you can’t use your phone every time you want to. If calls come in, you can navigate the phone menu though the bars to answer the call on speaker, but other than that you pretty much can’t make use of your phone. A great idea to help curb cellphone addiction, if you’re looking for a possible solution. The Cell Phone Lock Up also comes with a set of instructions to teach you how to unlock the prison, but of course you shouldn’t be reading it unless you’re the one who’s locking somebody else’s phone away instead. It’s available for $16 and can be purchased online.


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