With every new form of communication, comes new users and of course new threats to security. Twitter has been around for awhile now, but not everybody understands how it works and a lot of them simply click on links they see, without checking – and that’s how malware (malicious software) spreads. The latest threat to the Twitterverse comes in the form of a fake antivirus program parading around under the name of “Security Shield”. Unknowing/naïve users click on the link (that’s masked with a URL shortener, in this case- Goo.gl) that’s supposed to install the program, but end up with a virus instead. The virus hijacks your computer and your Twitter account to spread the program around without your knowledge. So if you’ve noticed tweets from your account you don’t recognize, you’ve probably been hit by the virus and you should change your password immediately, as well as run a full system scan to get rid of the virus.

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