One thing that robots and computers definitely have the upper hand over us humans is the fact that they can never tire nor know the meaning of being too exhausted to go on, and it is this exact strength which has resulted in Kyle Vogt working on a new robot which is able to crack open a safe using nothing but brute force. In fact, this robot is an improvement over Kyle’s previous exploits, where the video you see in the extended post is his robot attempting to crack the combination on a Sargent and Greenleaf 8500 lock. To do so, the robot will need to go through a pretty interesting set of motions required to open the safe, where among them include turning the dial four revolutions to the first number, three revolutions to the second, two revolutions to the final number, followed by a single one revolution to zero the dial. Once that is achieved, just press the dial inward in order to activate the lever assembly. Last but by all means not least, rotate the dial to 85 to retract the bolt which unlocks the safe. Kyle is pretty confident that his robot is able to open up such a safe in just a few hours compared to the 20-hours of manual manipulation as claimed by the safe’s propaganda.

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