The issue with electric vehicles, more often than not would be this – the lack of an electric charging station when you might need it the most. Well, folks in South Korea will be receiving a boon as the country has announced the installation of electric car charging stations across major highways thanks to the state-run power company. To date, half a dozen rest areas on the Jungbu Highways that connect Seoul to Daejeon, 160km south of the capital, will receive these charging stations. Of course, this looks set to be a major issue in the future for other countries that are trying to adopt a higher uptake of electric vehicles in an effort to cut greenhouse gases as well, so whatever Seoul does correctly ought to be applauded and given full support. If electric car charging stations were extremely commonplace, then it would definitely encourage the purchase of such vehicles. What you see on the right is just an example of the future ushered in by General Electric.

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