So the whole 3D shebang at CES this year has also caught up with China, where the country with the world’s largest population count will soon be able to have a taste of the first 3D online mall – thanks to Subaye. Interestingly enough, you will not need a pair of 3D glasses (and 3D-capable monitor too, we bet), but rather, all the products that you want to purchase can be viewed in a 3D-imaged web-shopping mall. This method of interactivity might just make it easier to loosen your purse strings when you’re being bombarded with ads from all directions. In order to ‘enjoy’ this benefit as a seller, you will need to be a member, forking out $117 monthly simply for the right display your products and services online at one of the Subaye Alliance network websites in a 3D-imaged web-shopping mall. Customers have until the end of the month to use the 3D website for free, where once the date is over, you will need to fork out another 3% in transaction fees for all sales of products and services sold in the online 3D mall. Guess Subaye has stumbled upon eBay’s winning formula of charging both buyer and seller, right?

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