Mee O'clock Sheep Alarm Clock

Tired of your regular old alarm clock that only rings in your face to wake you up? Looking for a change? Why not wake up to the tune of two singing sheep instead? The Mee O’clock Sheep Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that can tell you the time and date as well as ring when you want it to. But instead of having an annoying beep to wake you up with, the Mee O’clock has two cute sheep that sing and dance until you wake up to turn them off. With 2 different songs and a total of 16 different variations of sheep voices, the Mee O’clock is nothing revolutionary in terms of technology, but hey, the sheep are a load of fun. The Mee O’clock costs $71 and can be purchased here. Video of the Mee O’clock in action after the break:

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