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Wello Family, Smart E-Cargo Bike with Solar-powered AssistanceEditor's Pick
Wello solar smart cargo e-bike (e-cargo bike) with a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), 60km range on one charge, up to 100 km range with solar and connected with an app.

BMW Unveils Its Electric Bike Called Cruise
BMW is a market leader in luxury and high performance cars. However, fuel hungry cars are not the only thing that BMW makes. The company has formally cruised in to the electric bike market with their latest offering, the Cruise e-bike. The bike has a 250-watt electric motor that is capable of speeds up to 25 km/h with a range of 85km. The motor is there to assist the rider and […]

Znug ZecOO electric motorbike hails from the future
When you lay your eyes on the ZecOO electric motorbike from design company Znug, you might think to yourself that this is a pre-cursor to those lovely looking Tron bikes from the future (although other folks have already come up with roadworthy versions). Regardless, the Znug ZecOO electric motorbike is an amazing mode of transportation to look at, sporting a sleek, aggressive and completely unconventional design. Designed by former Toyota […]

Energica electric motorcycle looks really mean
Electric vehicles are starting to gain a whole lot of traction, since they do their bit in helping reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions, not to mention being far easier on your wallet at the end of the day simply because you need not fork out an arm and a leg each time you “fill ‘er up”. While electric cars have been in the limelight most of the time, there […]


Parker Brothers Choppers does the Detonator
The Tron Lightcycle has certainly caught just about anyone and everyone’s attention whenever they take a look at it, and the Parker Brothers decided to wow the world even further with their latest creation which will definitely turn even more heads by rolling out the Detonator. Now, I don’t think that even with a name like that, people are going to run away from it – no sir, folks will […]

Faraday electric bicycle could be the future
What do you think of when you envision the future? Electric cars that are super efficient that the world’s energy crisis is already solved? How about electric bicycles that offer far more than what current models deliver? The Faraday electric bicycle concept that you see above was specially constructed for the Oregon Manifest design competition, where ideas factory Ideo decided to work hand in hand, or should we say wheel […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 used in Ford e-bike concept
Electric bikes are handy, especially for those who prefer not pedaling all the way to work and reach all sweaty in the process. Now, if you weren’t a fan of e-bikes back then, perhaps this e-bike concept by Ford may cool enough to convert you.

BRD RedShift MX electric motorcycle
You have probably read to the death about electric cars, but what about the two-wheeled brethren known as motorcycles? That is what we’re looking at with the BRD RedShift MX electric motorcycle which is touted to deliver a performance equal to that of a 250cc dirt bike.The RedShift MX motocrosser and RedShift SM supermoto are the maiden models to roll off BRD – a San Francisco startup that came about […]

INgSOC concept bicycle is drop dead gorgeous
This is one of the times when I wished the conceptual design would just jump into life like that – and we’re talking about the INgSOC bicycle. The frame design does seem to be future forward if it were to roll off a factory line, courtesy of Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli. The electric bicycle will definitely look faster than it moves, sporting sharp lines and some dangerous-looking edges.The frame […]

Lito Sora electric motorcycle seems to be the bomb
Once in a while, an electric vehicle ambles along, making you wonder whether this could be the next big thing or not. The Lito Sora electric motorcycle might just be that very vehicle, for it boasts of some rather outrageous claims on paper. Imagine what its lithium polymer batteries are able to achieve – delivering 12 kilowatt-hours’ worth of juice that translates to a whopping 300km range, which places it […]

Voltitude electric bike folds, is nigh portable
Getting around town or in a city on a bicycle is one of the more environmentally friendly methods, especially when you couple that with a great public transport system. Well, the Voltitude electric bike is something else – it not only can be folded for easier transportation, it is also electric powered to help you up those gruelling, steep hills (hello, San Francisco!). Thanks to its special EasyFold system, the […]

Eco-Delivery Electric Bikes make your pizza business greener
If you happen to own a pizza delivery business, then chances are pretty good you will own a fleet of motorcycles that will go some ways to making sure piping hot pizzas arrive at the doorsteps of your customers within the fastest time possible. Well, that is fine and dandy, but what happens when you decide to take a green step forward? This is where the Eco-Delivery Electric Bikes come […]

2011 Zero Motorcycles can be juiced at public recharging stations
Zero Motorcycles will be offering some improvements for its electric-motorcycle 2011 lineup. One of the most important upgrades will be the ability for the bikes to be recharged at public charging stations, since it can now accept DC (direct current) fast charging. Aside from that, the bike can also use a plug accessory to make it compatible with any charger using the SAE J1772 plug, a five-pin charging system and […]

Panasonic electric bikes to help the elderly
Panasonic has just released a new 20″ bicycle designed for the elderly in Japan. It has a low seat which is easy to get into, is perfect for carrying one passenger and with a basket in the front for storing small objects. The BE-ENS033 Electric bicycle can be ridden manually, in automatic mode and in power mode. In automatic mode, the bike uses electricity to help users start pedaling and […]