Siematic Grid S2 multimedia cabinet

SieMatic has released the Grid S2, a multimedia cabinet that gives your kitchen a home entertainment system. Don’t you just hate it when you’re waiting for something to cook, you leave the kitchen to watch some TV, forget that you were cooking and come back to an over burnt dish? Well, the Grid S2 aims to eliminate that problem – by bringing your living room entertainment into the kitchen instead! The Grid S2 is a multimedia cabinet that has a graphical user interface which allows you to go online, watch TV, DVDs, and even dock your iPod to play you your favorite tunes while you cook. In addition to letting you enjoy yourself while cooking, you won’t ever have to forget about what you’re cooking again, with the ability to call up a progress report to see how far along your oven (or other kitchen appliances) is with the cooking. It also comes with a pullout drawer behind the monitor for your to store your accessories such as the wireless keyboard, remote control and DVDs. No pricing or date of availability has been announced, but don’t expect it to come cheap. Well you always have the option of moving your home theater system into your kitchen or you could break down the wall that separates your living room from your cooking area.

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