Bing real time transit

If there’s one thing you gotta give Microsoft props for, it’s their dedication to improving the Bing search engine service steadily over the past few months. In an announcement today, they announced two new features to the multi-purpose search engine. Bing for Mobile has been updated to take advantage of HTML5 (Windows Phone 7 users will have to wait until later this year to take advantage of it) to provide you better and faster image searches, real-time transit and directions, app search for the iPhone and more. Secondly, Bing has now added the nine largest malls in the US to their shopping mall maps. Now when you’re in a mall, you no longer have to hunt for a floor directory to get where you want to go – just whip out your phone instead, and load up Bing Maps. Hunting down that store you always wanted to visit but never really remembered where it is has never been easier. Head to on your phone or

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