DIY iPhone mountIf you’re a serious photographer that makes use of apps on your iPhone to help you with your photography (i.e. light metering apps), you will know how handy a mount can be. Instead of having to raise your iPhone again each time you need to check the light readings of your composition, a mount proper on top of the SLR would seem very useful. However as it seems there aren’t any aftermarket solutions to the problem, a German photographer decided to take things into his own hands and fashioned an iPhone mount out of plastic. Now he takes photos using his SLR and iPhone without any hassle of continually having to pull his iPhone out of the pocket. However he has mentioned that it is only useful with a tripod, as it probably is unsafe to use for handheld shots. However, since it’s only his first attempt you can be sure he’ll come up with an improved mount in the future. If you’re keen on making one of these stands for yourself, head to his blog to find out how.

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