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Satechi Cup Holder Mount is useful
Looking for a phone/tablet holder in your car, but dislike having to stick stuff onto your windshield? How about making use of the cup holder in your car instead? Introducing Satechi’s SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount for smartphones and tablets. Designed to hold any smartphone or 7-10″ tablet, the SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount provides a non-obtrusive solution for safer hands-free calling and navigation in your car.

iRoom iDock Touchcode launched
[CES 2012] Remember the iRoom iDock that was launched last year? Today, an updated version of wall mount was launched: the iRoom iDock Touchcode. Functioning similar to the previously released wall mount for iPad tablets, the iRoom iDock Touchcode has a new feature that paranoid people will no doubt find useful: additional security in the form of a PIN code system.In order to release the tablet from the mount, users […]

Quad Lock Case lets you attach your iPhone anywhere
Annex Products has just announced the launch of the Quad Lock Case – an iPhone 4 case that lets users attach their iOS phone pretty much anywhere they need it. Be it on the dashboard of a car, on the handlebars of a bicycle, or just next to your bed when you’re sleeping, the Quad Lock Case will do all that. The case is made of two parts – a […]

iLoveHandles BARNACLE holds your iPhone 4 on smooth surfaces
The folks over at iLoveHandles have come up with a new accessory for the iPhone, and it sure sucks! Fortunately it sucks – but not in a bad way. Called the BARNACLE, this interestingly designed accessory for the iPhone works as a multi-purpose mount for your iPhone 4. Whether you need it up against a wall, on your desk, or on your windshield, BARNACLE does the job (as long as […]


iRoom iDock now available
Bracketron, a company known for its accessories and mounts for mobile devices, has just announced the availability of the iRoom iDock – the first powered and motorized in-wall mounting solution for the iPad. Created by iRoom, the iDock is a wall mount that goes beyond providing some hooks for you to hang your iPad against the wall. The dock features a unique tray-like mechanism that allows you to dock your […]

Belkin Tablet Kitchen Accessories
It is clear that tablets can be great kitchen computers, but most people also like to preserve space on their counter tops. To solve this problem, Belkin has released a fridge mount for iPad 2 and a cabinet mount for 7″ to 10″ tablets (it is compatible with cases too). Both mounts don’t require any tools or drilling, as the cabinet mount uses a simple clip mechanism, while the fridge […]

MountMe X-Me keeps your consoles in place
MountMe – the company behind the versatile Freedom and Freedom II cases for iPad tablets has decided to take its expertise and experience in mounting tablets over to the console market. It has just announced the launch of the X-Me – a mounting system that lets you mount your video game console anywhere; be it your bedroom wall or the back seat of your car, the X-Me is touted to […]

MountMe Freedom II for the iPad 2 now available
Remember the MountMe Freedom iPad case we covered back in February? Well, the versatile case mount that was designed for the original iPad is now available for the iPad 2. Functioning in the same way as the original MountMe Freedom, the new MountMe Freedom II has been specially designed to hold the iPad 2’s slimmer body, camera and speaker. The original mounting accessories are all there – the four suction […]

Bracketron Universal GPS Window Mount holds everything but your cup of coffee
If you’re constantly switching phones or using different GPS units every time you go out, don’t you get annoyed at how not every device you own fits into the same mount on your car windshield? Well, Bracketron understands your pain, which is why the company has decided to come up with the Bracketron Universal GPS Window Mount.The Universal GPS Window Mount combines both of Bracketron’s popular products into one device: […]

DIY iPhone camera mount
If you’re a serious photographer that makes use of apps on your iPhone to help you with your photography (i.e. light metering apps), you will know how handy a mount can be. Instead of having to raise your iPhone again each time you need to check the light readings of your composition, a mount proper on top of the SLR would seem very useful. However as it seems there aren’t […]

Vogel RingO lets you mount your tablet on the wall
In the sea of cases and mounts available for tablets on the market, it’s quite hard to stand out amongst the competition. OEMs need to make cases that have functions that others don’t, or they have to make cases that do everything that everyone else can do, but with one case and in Vogel’s case – it’s the latter. The company from Netherlands has come up with a case called […]

MountMe Freedom lets you use your iPad anywhere
MountMe has just announced the release of their Freedom iPad viewing solution. It is a sleek protective case that has an extremely versatile mounting component that can be easily adjusted for the various purposes you want to use it for. With 4 suction cups, a mounting strap, a built-in kickstand and holes that can fit screws in them, the MountMe Freedom is a one-of-a-kind iPad case that lets you use […]

Mount your iPad on your car
If you’ve always fancied having a TV in your car but didn’t want to spend the extra cash on one, especially if you own an iPad, GripDaddy’s latest accessories are just for you. GripDaddy has just launched their new Headrest Mount and Arm Mount for the iPad. These mounts will allow you to attach your iPad to the headrest of a car or between the two front seats. If you […]

Piixl Super Slim PC Mounts Behind TV
It seems that there is a growing market for PCs that are able to be mounted to the back of LCD panels, and Acer’s Revo can certainly attest to that The latest entry from Piixl certainly takes it to another realm though. As you can see from the picture above, it’s a super slim computer that’s only 30mm deep, but boasts a 3GHz Core 2 Duo chip (with Core i5 […]