There are many cities in old Europe that do not have the kind of space that is seen in those living quarters and home magazines, so it is up to hardware manufacturers to make sure that the devices they roll out are small and efficient enough to carry out what they’re supposed to do. Take the Eco Pod sub-compact washing machine for example – it relies on advanced steam-cleaning technology to make sure your clothes come out looking and smelling great, thanks to the use of “wet” steam for washing and superheated “dry” steam to for drying purposes. This is a case of not judging a book by its cover – or perhaps, a washing machine by its size. Since there are no soapy suds required for cleaning, the residual grey water is non-toxic and can be recycled later on for watering plants. This is one concept that we would like to see hit the market in the near future, if only for a greener earth.

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