EVOtainment SystemIf you fancy playing video games on your Sprint EVO 4G but can’t stand using the touchscreen controls, you don’t have too many options to solve the problem. Since the EVO 4G doesn’t have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, you won’t be able to make use of tools like the Game Gripper. However, if you start thinking out of the box, you might find a whole world of options. Like Jack Malone did with his EVO 4G. He purchased a Wii racing wheel, attached a classic controller and a GPS mount to the wheel, loaded a custom ROM onto the EVO 4G to detect the Bluetooth controllers and an emulator app to run games, and managed to turn his 4.3″ Android phone into one of the oddest looking portable consoles one can ever hope to lay their eyes on. And he calls it the EVOtainment system. No videos of this baby in action, but it looks like it can play games well, provided you have some sort of wrist mount to make sure they don’t snap while holding up this monstrous contraption. Somebody should just get this guy the Xperia Play when it launches.

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