PC Guitar modIn the exciting world of PC-case mods, it’s always interesting to see what sort of cases people can come up with. All the way in France, an avid PC modder by the name of Joss recently came up with one kick-ass PC case – made from a cheap guitar. He picked up an entry level Ibiza classical guitar, took it apart with a saw, and packed its internals with computer parts and pieced it back together again, ending up with one heck of a mod. The specs? An Intel Quad Core Q6700, Asus motherboard, 4GB of RAM, an 80GB RAID 0 drive, MSI 8800 GTX graphics card, and a 650W PSU Thermaltake Blue Evo power supply. While you won’t be able to play your favorite songs on the guitar again, how many guitars do you know can run your favorite games? Hit the break to watch a video of the guitar-PC turning on.

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