It’s that time of year again – spring. For Xbox 360 gamers, you know what that means right? If you said 360 spring update time, then you win the prize of satisfaction. Lawrence Hyrb a.ka. Major Nelson a.k.a the man behind Xbox Live just published on his blog that with the 360’s annual spring update will come an “updated disc format.” Microsoft is currently seeking U.S. beta testers to try out the new disc format. Does that little tidbit of news sound like Major Nelson is teasing anew Xbox 360 hardware update with a Blu-ray optical drive? Nah. Although still under tight wraps for now, the disc format update will likely be a new method for Microsoft to combat piracy with more game DRM checks.It’s believed that in light of the recent lawsuit between Sony and PS3 hacker Geohot that led to the enabling of piracy on Sony’s game console, Microsoft is moving forward to beef up its console security and keep pirated games at bay. According to Xbox 360 hacker “commodore4eva” who has access to the latest Xbox 360 SDK, there are references to Microsoft adding the extra layer of protection. Guess we won’t know until we get the update ourselves right?

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