Robots aren’t supposed to have emotions, but we can have wishful thinking, can’t we? REETI from France was specially designed to merge the functionalities of a communication robot as well as being a “multi-media tool”. Of course, what is hardware if it isn’t going to be married to the right kind of software? Hence the company behind REETI has developed a piece of software which enables users to program “emotions” as well as facial expressions, allowing him to move his eyes, ears and mouth. Not only that, with three touch sensors, he will also react accordingly by blushing in red or blue. Powered by the Ubuntu operating system, REETI runs on an Atom Dual Core 1.8GHz processor that is accompanied by a 500GB hard drive, one 720p camera in each eye, a trio of USB 3.0 ports, a couple of USB 2.0 ports, a mic, a speaker, an HDMI interface, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connectivity. Doesn’t seem as though he is going to be up for a commercial release though.

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