Jonathan Liow, a graduate student from Monash University recently came up with an idea to help folks who don’t have access to heaters or kettles the chance to purify water. Called the Solarball, this useful device is makes use of the sunlight to purity fresh water. Resembling a hamster ball, the Solarball can produce up 3 liters of clean water – if there is ample sunlight. It works by absorbing sunlight, heating up the ball which causes dirty water to evaporate. When it evaporates, contaminants are separated from the water, generating clean condensation which can be stored for drinking later. A clever idea, that can bring clean water to a lot of places that need it, and it’s even safe for kids to use, as they won’t have get burnt by fires or kettles on accident. But 3 liters isn’t really enough, for one person each day which means folks will need to have multiples of these balls if they rely on the ball for their clean water. Not to mention, if there is no sun, these balls are rendered useless. However, a larger capacity and a backup battery pack that stores unused solar energy could be possible solutions to make the Solarball better.


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