DNA-stamperThe DNA Stamper is a concept created by Jamie Thoms to make us think about how much we value our identity. He ask s: ” Who should have access to this information. Your partner? Family? The police?”. Here’s how the DNA Stamper works in Jamie Thoms’s own words:

“The D.N.A. Stamper simulates extracting a sample of the users D.N.A. and uses this to stamp a consent form, to verify the user’s identity and offer tissue for hypothetical testing. The owner of the sample will have to fill in the consent form expressing how much of the information in the D.N.A. the holder will be privy to.”

Although DNA-related technologies have vastly evolved over the past 30 years, we’re nowhere near what the movie Gattaca describes (the movie is one of the inspiration for this DNA Stamper, btw).  However, at the pace at which things are moving, will we wrap our collective minds around this before we get there, or will we merely react to possible future abuse and discrimination? If you want to know more about this concept and its author, head to jamiethoms.co.uk. (one more photo in the full post)


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