We know that using Force Lightning as part of the repertoire of Dark Force powers might come across as dominating and beats the crap out of the Light Side (unless you’re Mace Windu or Yoda, of course), causing a whole lot of pain to your target. You saw how Anakin Skywalker grimaced when Count Dooku blasted him with plenty of lightning bolts, not to mention getting the same treatment as Darth Vader when he was rescuing Luke Skywalker from the Emperor’s lightning.

Well, it seems that there is another practical use for Force adept users when it comes to Force Lightning – that is, to make sure all data on an optical disc is destroyed as you can see from the video which is available right after the jump. It isn’t necessarily the most effective method, and neither will it win you any brownie points with Greenpeace activists, but what it does is offer a whole bundle of fun.

Just zap the CD with electricity and you can bet your bottom dollar that all incriminating evidence of data on said disc will be gone in an instant. A fun weekend experiment, that’s what this is.

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