Toys 'R' Us iPad 2 training material

It looks like Apple is serious about 2011 being the year of the iPad 2. Apple is pushing the tablet through every possible sales outlet, and the latest one to join the ranks of Best Buy, Walmart, Target and RadioShack as third-party resellers is none other than Toys ‘R’ Us, the world’s mega toy store. Some images of iPad 2 training material for Toys ‘R’ Us employees have surfaced online along with product sheets with the Toys ‘R’ US logo next to the Apple logo. If you’ve been trying to avoid your kid from asking you to get him/her an iPad by dodging the Apple store each time you’re out at the mall, good luck trying to stop them from checking out the iPad 2 at a toy store in the near future. The tablet really is going to be everywhere.

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