No idea on how we missed this one, but it seems that them nutty (in a good way, of course) Japanese have come up with yet another method to advertise a department store – through the use of LED braces that actually light up your teeth whenever you give a nice, big smile. These no-ordinary braces were specially designed by Motoi Ishibashi and Daito Manabe, and have since become quite the hit among Japanese youth (obviously, I so want a pair myself) since. Whenever these LED braces are worn, they will flicker in varying colors and speed, which of course, is fully controllable via a computer app over a wireless connection. Time to start snacking on apples if you want to keep the doctor away, and make sure your teeth are also clean without any tartar or food particles stuck in between! Of course, to get a better idea on how it looks like in the dark, there is a video of the LED braces in action in the extended post.


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