Motz Wooden PET speaker

If you’re a fan of music and animals, and you care about the environment, these new wooden speakers from Motz should be right up your alley. Made from wood and 100% hand crafted, these beautiful speakers are crafted after of pets of various sizes and shapes. The Wooden PET speakers are touted to produce rich sounds (due to the wooden acoustics?) and look good while doing so as well.

The speakers make use of rechargeable Li-Polymer Batteries (3.7v) and have a playtime of about 10 hours. The speakers can play audio from pretty much any source – it makes use of a 3.5mm audio jack to connect to a source, so you can use your iPhone, MP3 player, disc man, portable radio etc. Judging from the pictures, it doesn’t look like it has stereo surround, but for something that cute, you probably didn’t buy it for its sound quality anyway. Since it’s all been crafted by hand, no two speakers are the same. The Motz Wooden PET speaker is available now for $39.99.

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