Love skiing? You might want to check out something that’s interesting though, the skier controlled tow boat which is unmanned – but that’s the whole purpose since it will be controlled fully by you, the skier. There will be half a dozen buttons on its control panel that is located on the tow rope handle, sending signals straight to the boat so that you can start, accelerate, decelerate, turn, or stop the vessel with but slight thumb movements at your convenience.

The boat is nearly 8-feet in length, sporting a three-cylinder, two-stroke 70 horsepower engine complete with a jet pump and axial flow propulsion that is able to generate speeds up to 40mph while creating wakes for jumps and other tricks. It is said that the jet propulsion engine used is safer compared to propeller-powered crafts, delivering superior acceleration and quicker planing.

The price to pay for such luxury? A heart-stopping $17,000 – now this is truly a toy for the rich and famous.

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