Skype for AndroidRemember the Skype for Android vulnerability that was made public by Android Police last week? Skype recognized the issue and announced that they were working on a fix for it. Well it looks like they were pretty quick to their feet because today they’ve released an update that addresses the issues found.

In case you weren’t aware of the issue, Skype for Android had a vulnerability where its database that contains personal information of the Skype user (i.e. username, profile, contacts and chat logs) was unprotected and easily accessible by other apps. Well Skype has now changed the permission of the databases and effectively fixed discovered exploit. In addition to removing the vulnerability, Skype has also added a 3G calling feature to the app – previously you could only make calls over WiFi.

The updated version of Skype is available now on the Android Market for download. Take note that it doesn’t fix the leaked version of Skype that has video calling so continue using that version of the app at your own risk.

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