Spotify logoAccording to the latest news heard through the grapevine, serving music just isn’t enough for Spotify anymore. Apparently Spotify has been reportedly making deals with major movie studios to expand its streaming services to include movies as well as music. While no specific details have been mentioned, Spotify is said to be going all in with this movie deal. The Swedish-based company is said to be gunning for earlier access to movies – similar to what hotels offer, which means users will be able to watch movies just weeks after they are released in the cinemas. Much earlier than on DVD or Netflix/Amazon/iTunes and the like. Spotify is also said to be negotiating for worldwide rights, making the movie streaming service available all over the world.

With YouTube also planning to launch a similar service, it looks like the streaming movie business is going to get a little crowded. But Spotify’s early access to movies might set them apart from the crowd. As of now, there’s no concrete evidence to back these rumors, so take them with a pinch of salt. Maybe a tablespoon. At least until Spotify makes the announcement themselves.

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