TomTom logoTomTom has been providing us with great GPS maps for quite some time and now they’re looking to widen the scope of their products. Still related to driving, however this time instead of giving you directions on where you want to go, TomTom is introducing Active Driver Feedback and WEBFLEET OptiDrive. Active Driver Feedback will keep users informed about their fuel consumption, driving habits (i.e. speeding, harsh steering, braking, idling) and gives you a report of how well you’ve been driving so you know where to and how to improve. Better driving leads to fuel efficiency and money saved – and that’s never a bad thing. WEBFLEET OptiDrive will collect all this data into graphs and reports for “fleet managers” who can then advise or even reward their fleet members based on how they drive. This sort of healthy competition can also help business managers to save costs as well by monitoring how their drivers perform. The features will be available in Europe Q2 2011 to folks who own TomTom PRO navigation devices and have a subscription to TomTom WEBFLEET. Find out more.


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