What is with hacking each other’s video game consoles these days? It’s almost like everyone is coming forward to show their “talents” after Sony’s grand threat on Geohot and Graf_Chokolo. In a rather ironic story, Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse, the Director of Policy ad Enforcement for Xbox Live a.k.a the man who’s in charge of banning cheaters and pirates off the online gaming service had his account compromised over the weekend. A hacker known as The Predator apparently broke into Stepto’s account to teach him a lesson for banning him 35 times. So the cop becomes the civilian and the civilian becomes the cop. With no way to communicate to gamers, Stepto took to Twitter to let everyone know he’d been hacked. Stepto has since regained access to his account, but it’s too late, the proof for the deed is already on YouTube. The hack does beg the question, if the top dog’s account is hackable, doesn’t that mean everyone else’s is too? Should the hacking parts interest you, you may hit the break for the video proof by the The Predator.

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