Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has just announced their latest release, the ZoneAlarm SocialGuard which was specially designed for parents who would want to make sure their kids remain protected from social threats that lurk all over various online channels such as Facebook, including shielding them (as much as they possibly can, of course) from online predators, cyberbullies, hacked accounts and malicious links. 

SocialGuard will allow parents to monitor their children’s Facebook accounts (no idea if they would protest or not) for illicit content in status updates, wall postings, messages, and friend requests. Not only that, real-time alerts will be sent whenever suspicious activity is detected. ZoneAlarm SocialGuard is not free though, but then again the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and in this case, you can fork out $1.99 monthly or save $4 in the process by picking up a $19.99 annual subscription.

It doesn’t matter which platform your child will access his/her Facebook account ZoneAlarm SocialGuard allows parents to monitor all activity in the child’s Facebook account from – whether from a Windows-based PC or a Mac, an iPad or other mobile devices, ZoneAlarm SocialGuard will still be able to scan profiles, communication and friend requests within the monitored account thanks to unique algorithms that will identify threats, sending real-time alerts should suspicious activity be flagged down. Running in the background like a ninja, ZoneAlarm SocialGuard should be right on top of your paranoid android list after the Smart Baby Monitor concept.

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