Want to wake up in style? Forget about the traditonal, old school alarm clocks that have a bell, letting out that irritating ring every single morning without fail. The Acoustic Alarm, as its name suggests, takes a very different route by offering you a soothing method of waking up. Designed by Jamie McMahon, this particular model has been handcrafted from 2mm thick birch plywood, in a combination of walnut and stainless steel, resulting in the Acoustic Alarm that will merge both aesthetic rawness and simple string-pluckin’ functionality so that you are not rudely awakened from your sweet sleep.

The alarm itself relies on a rotational pick for it to pluck guitar strings, and has been specially designed so that the user is able to customize the tone of the alarm according to your preference, all via a simple adjustment of the tuning pegs.

Of course, there is the issue of the guitar strings actually snapping one of these days, but if you have had experience with guitars, then replacing these snapped strings should not be too much of a hassle for you, right?

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