Apple logoApple has announced that they will be banning the practice of “incentivized app installs”. For awhile now we’ve been seeing a huge number of apps that ask users to download another app to enable more options or features in the current app they are using but all that is coming to an end. Developers have been using this feature to get people to download their other apps (especially new ones) in an effort to boost ratings on the App Store.

Obviously Apple isn’t too happy with this practice as it falls into the category of manipulating an app’s chart rankings in the App Store. This has led to the rise of new, unknown apps rising to the top of the charts when people aren’t even downloading the app to use it. Looks like your next free-to-play game on iOS won’t get you to install apps you don’t need. This is one restriction on the App Store that I think people will welcome. How do you feel about incentivized app installs?

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