Love everything about Google Chrome where Web browsers are concerned? Those who say aye will be pleased to know that Chrome Canary is finally available for the Mac platform, as Windows users are ahead yet again having had the option to download the pre-developer, experimental builds of the Chrome browser for quite some time already. Well, Mac Chrome fans are able to grab something official this time around which will result in a browser that is more or less capable of keeping up with its open-source sibling known as Chromium.

The tussle between Chromium and Chrome continues, as some might ask why not just use the former? Well, the latter is no lightweight as it sports a bunch of extras built right into it, including an internal Flash plug-in amongst others. Not only that, your eyes will also appreciate the nice bright, beautiful yellow icon, but bear in mind that since this is not yet a commercial, official release, it is undergoing testing and experiments so things might go wrong from time to time. It might also not be as secure compared to a bunch of other more refined Chrome builds.

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