Bio Robot fridgeElectrolux Design Lab holds an annual competition where they challenge students to come up with home appliances based on a theme. Well for the 2010 competition which just ended on Sunday, the theme was “The 2nd Space Age” where students design appliances that would feel at home in the year 2050.

One of the stand-out entries is from Russian student, Yuriy Dmitriev with his Bio Robot Fridge. This super thin fridge makes use of a special gel-like substance to keep your food cold and fresh. The substance is odorless and non-sticky so you can put things in and take them out just as they were, without having any additional greens on your food.
The fridge doesn’t take up a large footprint, unlike fridges of today. In fact, the fridge can be mounted on walls or even the ceiling to save space. And because it has no moving parts, it won’t be giving out that humming noise we’re all so used to listening to in our kitchen. The Bio Fridge is still a concept now, but if this fridge gets to go into production, it’ll easily be one of the coolest fridges ever designed. Check out some videos of the fridge:

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