Osama MalwareWhile we’ve all been told that Osama has finally been found and killed, a lot of people are unsatisfied with just words and want more proof of his demise. Cyber criminals recognize this and have decided to take exploit this fact and not a day too late. You don’t have to look very hard to see that the internet is now flooded with tons of links claiming to have shocking photos and videos of the terrorist.

The next time you see a link claiming to provide you with such content – don’t bother clicking it. It could be in an email, a website, or even a link on your friend’s Facebook page – it’s all bogus. Experts have put out warnings telling people to beware of such scams. These links might tell you to provide personal information which could lead to credit card/identity scams or they could ask you to download a codec or special program to view a video which could lead to the spread of harmful malware.

If you want real pictures or video footage, just wait for trusted media sites to release them – these major corporations sure aren’t going to be left out of the loop and they definitely won’t be scamming you or making you download malicious software. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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