iPhone Dock Fan

Now we all know that the iPhone is no doubt one of the coolest phones in the world, with the ability to do everything thanks to the fact there’s an app for pretty much anything. But there are some things that even an app can’t do – like keeping you cool on a hot summer day. You’ll need some hardware to do that, and that’s what the folks at Japan Trust Technology did. They’ve created the iPhone Dock Fan.

Plugging into the docking port of your iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad which would be rather unwieldy to use), it taps into the iOS device for the juice needed to keep it powered. The fan has a twisting feature that can let you point the fan in two different directions, depending on which way you want to hold your phone when you use it. If you’re afraid of accidentally cutting your face or your fingers when using the device, you have no need to worry. The iPhone Dock Fan’s blades are made from soft urethane plastic that couldn’t cut your skin even if you wanted it to.

The iPhone Dock Fan can stay powered for up to 6 hours on a full-charge on your iPhone, which should be long enough before your hand starts cramping up from holding the phone up for so long. It comes with a case that looks like a mini iPhone and will set you back about $15.25 (1,260 yen). Purchase it from JTT’s online shop.

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