Fixmo Web MessengerAre you a BlackBerry Messenger addict? Are you constantly on BBM no matter where you are, even when you’re at home? When you’re back at home, don’t you wish you had the ability to chat on BBM using your computer instead of typing away on the BlackBerry keyboard? Now there have been a few solutions released in the past few years that let you do that – but it required you to connect your BlackBerry to your computer through Bluetooth or USB.

Nixmo improves upon those previous methods with a simple website and app solution. Just download the Fixmo Messenger app onto your phone, create an account with it, and click connect. Then you head onto the Fixmo Web Messenger and login with the account you just created and you can start chatting away. Granted this means that your BBM chats will be shared with Fixmo (whether they read it or not is a different matter), but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not discussing anything illegal right? Find out more at the Fixmo Web Messenger website.

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