The great thing about music is that there are just so many different kinds of music available. Different musicians from different parts of the world all come up with their own styles of music. In fact, you don’t even have to go to different countries to listen to different songs – a walk down different neighborhoods in the same city can already be so different. And that’s how the idea behind this concept MP3 player, INSONO came about.


Josh Liandu, the designer of this interesting location-based device takes the idea of a radio station and then shrinks it down – by a lot. The ISONO uses GPS and track-tagging technology to broadcast local musician’s songs specific to each neighborhood, so anyone with an INSONO player that’s in the vicinity can pick it up and listen to it. Designed with local unsigned artists in mind, the INSONO gives all artists a chance to broadcast their music – provided INSONO users actually wander into their neighborhood.

If a user wants to find out more about a song, all he/she has to do is hit a button on the player and the song’s details will be sent to the user’s phone. This way, users can keep track about music they discover and go look them up later when they get home.

While people can already broadcast their music on the internet, it doesn’t provide the same “exploration experience” that a user would get from walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood with nothing but his headphones on. The INSONO sure feels like it has the potential to be an extremely fun and useful music discovery device.

‘INSONO’ from Josh Liandu on Vimeo.

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