It seems that the recent iPad 2 shortage issues had the blame squarely laid at LG Display’s doorstep, according to supply sources. LG Display claimed that they had light leakage problems for displays that were manufactured over at its sixth-generation LCD plant, and hence that resulted in shipping a mere 3.2 million iPad LCDs between January and March this year. Samsung is the other party helping to shoulder the workload, and in the end produced more displays at a figure of 7 million according to Digitimes.

The 9.2 million total was far more than the 4.69 million iPad 2s that Apple sold, so it makes perfect sense that much of that production would have been meant for a spring release. Apple’s track record is such that they stopped original iPad production near the start of 2011 in order to shift over to production in around February. Initial shipments would have been low in numbers no thanks to the LG Display issue and the standard lack of time required to ramp up production at a contractor.

LG Display is touted to have fixed the issue, and should in theory, be able to produce a whole lot more this spring.

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