Boy, do we sometimes wish that we could spend more time rummaging through the FCC’s archives and arcane site, as it holds a treasure trove of information. Take for instance, this super green computer peripheral known as the Logitech K750 wireless solar-powered keyboard – and imagine being able to play with it so much, that ripping off the cover of the device (in a dignified manner, of course) is something that is part and parcel of everyday work. Boasting of two solar panels, the Logitech K750 wireless keyboard will rely on those to ensure it remains juiced up and ready for action all the time, and best of all is, even the standard florescent office lights will do if you aren’t sitting anywhere near a window.

The solar panels are easily removable, where upon doing so would reveal an Atmel ATXMEGA microcontroller. Makes you wonder where does all the charged up juice from the sun go, right? Well, it seems that all those efforts are channeled into a Maxell ML2032 3V rechargeable battery, which makes perfect sense since just two puny solar panels are unable to juice up a set of AA batteries on their own, so a 3V battery would make much more sense.

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