Who would have thought that North Korea might end up being a PC manufacturer one day? All we thought was they promoted the cause of communism and constantly held the West to ransom with word of their nuclear arsenal – but a recent state TV report on the main 8pm evening news actually showed off a factory that manufactures computers. Interesting stuff, although it is said that the factory and the computers are far from what their neighbor, China has, in terms of having advanced and automated production lines. 

One of the shots showed off eight workers who were sitting in front of a long, green bench, performing tasks like keyboard installation and checking out the laptop hinge. Panning over to a different shot, it shows off a worker who was apparently testing a new laptop through the scrolling of screens. Two of the three computers shown were for educational use, while the remaining one is meant for office use.

All the educational computers will run the same custom software and will be available in a netbook-sized form factor, while the other is equally bland in a box shape with a keyboard and mouse, meant to be hooked up to a TV. Judging by the poverty and hardship of people living there, connecting a computer to a Standard Definition TV isn’t too great on your eyes, as they surely would find it nigh impossible to purchase a HDTV with their standard of living. Perhaps the state is going to offer a rebate of sorts?

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