The Really Interesting Crab CompanyIf you’re a fan of eating crabs from a certain location because you have a certain preference for the flavor or texture of the crabs there, it’s going to be a lot easier to locate them in the future. The Really Interesting Crab Company and Scan and Go Code service have teamed up together to bring folks in the UK a more interesting way to find out where your crabs came from – with the use of technology.

The companies plan to implement QR codes in restaurant menus that people can just whip out their smartphones to scan. Once identified, the QR code will link them to a website showing them exactly where the vessel that caught the crabs was, and it even shows a video of the fishermen at work. With this technology, you can rest assured about the $100 you’re shelling out for Alaskan King Crab really is from Alaska. No word on when or where these QR codes will start populating our menus, but it’s great to see technology being used to enhance the dining experience in this manner.

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