Samsung ST700

Don’t you just hate it when you try to take a photograph of your child or one of your favorite nephew/niece and they look at everything except the camera? Normally you’d need to wave a brightly colored toy around while you’re taking the picture so the kid will look in the general direction of the camera? Sometimes this can cause your picture to be off focus or shaky. And other times, when you’re out, you might not have a toy handy with you.

Well, Samsung has devised a solution to the problem with their latest 2View camera. Back in 2009, Samsung introduced a new line of cameras that featured dual-LCD displays – one in the front and one in the back. Probably targeted at the younger generation, the cameras made taking self-portraits a snap. Well now, Samsung are back with an update to the 2View camera. Called the ST700, it works like a regular 2View camera with a new addition: cartoons.

By playing back interesting, cute animations on the camera’s front screen, asking a child to look towards the camera is going to be a no-brainer. Just hit play, and you can be sure that for your next photo album, the kids are all going to be looking at the camera – at least until the kids get bored of the cartoons (luckily the camera comes with eight different animations). Users can also record and playback 30-second clips on the front display, or run a slideshow of photos on the camera if the kids have lost interest in the cartoons.

The camera takes images in 16.1-megapixels resolution, has a 5x optical zoom and Smart Auto 2.0 presets to help you automatically optimize your shots in any lighting. The Samsung ST700 is on sale now for $279.99.

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