Another day, another device that will hit the FCC’s gates, knocking on its door to be given entrance before it is prodded and tested from all angles and directions so that the masses are able to enjoy its use when released without worrying about it suddenly exploding during use or charging. The latest entrant to go through the FCC’s doors? The Seagate GoFlex Satellite hard drive that will allow you to toss in a network attached storage device to your network – the easy way, of course, without having to go through a time consuming process that involves connecting cables, looking for a right location for your drive near a router, while having a royal headache configuring your network.  

On the outside, the GoFlex Satellite will resemble a vanilla external hard drive, but underneath the hood lies the “magic” of 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, letting you hook up the Satellite to your network without having to string a single wire or cable from/to the router. Not only that, it also means you have more freedom than ever before, allowing you to place the Seagate GoFlex Satellite hard drive as long as there is a wireless signal in the area.

There is no official announcement on the GoFlex Satellite to date, but the potential of a WiFi-enabled hard drive is there to be taken advantage fully of, that’s for sure. How much do you think Seagate will price the GoFlex Satellite?

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