Want to go green? Apart from driving an electric or hybrid car, recycling all of your waste and sorting out your trash, there are still numerous other ways to work on getting greener all the time. How about making sure more and more of your devices in and around the home are solar-powered? We do know of consumer electronic devices such as cell phones being solar-powered, but how about furniture that harnesses the power of the sun instead? That’s what you would end up with where the SOFT Rocker is concerned. This rocking lounge chair was developed by architecture students at MIT, and boasts of a 35-watt solar panel which will charge a built-in battery whenever there is enough sunlight. 


All the power will be stashed away in a built-in battery, where you can always draw on its reserves when dusk falls via its integrated USB ports. Heck, the battery can even be used to light up the inside of the furniture ala Tron for some really rockin’ times – especially when you throw a party.

Not only that, the name SOFT Rocker does give part of the game away, as it will rely on a kinetic energy capture system which will ensure those rocking motions do not go to waste – although do be forewarned, you will need to rock for a very, very long time before you get a decent amount of charge stashed away – better to leave this under the sun instead.

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