Sony Ericsson logoRemember yesterday when I said it wouldn’t be a surprise if Sony was hacked again? Well, they did and this time it’s Sony Ericsson Canada’s website. The hackers stole the names and email addresses of about 2,000 customers from the website adding to the growing list of stolen data retrieved from the company’s networks.

What started as an attack on the game network has spread to the rest of Sony’s businesses and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. What will it take for the hackers to leave Sony alone? A public apology? A change in its policies? Its stocks have already fallen 24% this year according to Bloomberg Businessweek, and it’s probably going to keep dropping until the attacks top.

Are these cyber terrorists teaching the company a lesson in security? Or are they still lashing out at them for cracking down on PlayStation 3 hackers? Do you think Sony has suffered enough yet, and should these hackers move on with their lives?

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