Sony Music JapanIf we told you Sony got hacked again, would that be news? It seems to be another day, another hack. Yesterday we reported about Sony BMG Greece being hacked over the weekend and today it’s Sony Music Japan. The same method used to get into Sony Greece was used here as well – an SQL Injection flaw. While it’s uncertain if any data has been compromised, the group that found their way into Sony’s systems is known as Lulz Security – a group that hacks into systems just for fun, and not to steal credit cards or commit other types of fraud.

There doesn’t seem to be any signs of hackers stopping these criminal activities anytime soon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s news of yet another Sony website being hacked tomorrow. Sony will need to beef up security on all fronts, and not just PSN and SOE if they don’t want this to happen anymore. With so many attacks on the giant corporation, it’s only going to be a matter of time until the public decides not to trust Sony with their personal information anymore.

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