Facebook SpotifyWhile Spotify is not arriving in the US anytime soon, it doesn’t stop them from teaming up with US companies. Forbes has reported that Spotify and Facebook are working together to launch a music-streaming service in as little as two weeks time.

The service is now in its testing phases, but when launched – Facebook users will see a Spotify icon appear on the left side of their newsfeed, together with the usual icons for photos and events. If the Spotify icon is clicked, it will install the Spotify service on their desktop in the background and will allow users to listen to Spotify’s library of millions of songs on the social network. It will also have a feature that lets Facebook friends listen to the same music together.

Unfortunately, even this version of Spotify won’t be seen on this side of the world. The service that is said to be called “Facebook Music” or “Spotify on Facebook” will only be available to Facebook users in countries where Spotify works.

Apparently no money has been exchanged in this deal, with both parties solely benefitting on the services of one another: a music service for Facebook, while Spotify gets to tap into Facebook’s massive user base in hopes of drawing them over to its premium service. This report definitely goes along with Facebook’s plans of keeping users glued to the website instead of having to leave it in search of other content. Now all Spotify needs to do is get its service approved in the US.

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