While we saw that Playboy had speculated on the HP TouchPad’s price point of around $500 last week, they were off by a Benjamin – at least according to Walmart’s books, having tagged the tablet device at $599 a pop. The model in question is the 32GB variety, where it will clearly have the TouchPad square up with Apple’s 32GB Wi-Fi iPad 2. Apart from the pricing information, there is still no word on when Walmart will be offering the device, where it will also be accompanied by the TouchPad-specific Touchstone Dock/Stand that will retail for $79.88 – definitely not cheap by any means.

Other webOS goodies from Walmart would include the $69.88 webOS Bluetooth keyboard and the first-party $49.88 TouchPad case, alongside an AC charger that is priced at $29.88 – which incidentally, is the same price that HP currently charges for the older Palm AC-to-USB adapter and micro-USB cable. When do you think all of the above mentioned will arrive – and will the TouchPad be able to make a splash in the world of tablets?

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